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Command your Clutter



Business Services

Let’s face it!  Business is all about RESULTS!  If you work all day and don’t seem to ever get anything done or you feel like you can never get caught up, then one of two things has to happen.  You either need to learn how to be more efficient or outsource tasks so you can get more done is less time!


Command Your Clutter can help with both!  We can not only organize your or your employee’s physical workspace, we can analyze your workflow and processes and find inefficiencies.  We can create systems that will allow you to access your files in seconds, and help you with time management tools.

We offer these services for small businesses in the Tampa Bay area.  Some of the tasks that we also provide in addition to the consultative services mentioned previously are the following:

  • Mail and Filing Systems
  • Research Projects
  • Spreadsheets
  • Data Entry
  • Outbound Calls
  • Business Meeting Planning
  • Business Workshop Coordination
  • Speaking Engagement Planning and Coordination
  • Collateral Material Assembly
  • Follow Up Systems
  • Scheduling
  • Time Management
  • Business Card Management
  • Online QuickBooks
  • Special Projects
  • Mobile Office Setup

We provide a free phone consultation so please give us a call today so you can breathe easier tomorrow!  Call 727-420-1746 and ask for Sharon Toston, Owner and Chief Organizational Officer!