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Decluttering Largo

Where Function Means Everything
Do you get frustrated in the morning when you are getting ready for work? Maybe you have to rush out the door to attend an important function, or get the kids to school on time. Sometimes we get so busy, that we don't realize how overstuffed our closet is until it's too late. So why can't we get our closet clutter under control? We are probably too overwhelmed and don't know where to start! Wouldn't it be nice to get ready quickly, save time by having everything you need to put together an outfit at your fingertips, and save money by knowing what's in your closet and not buying unnecessary items?

Command Your Clutter WIll Help!

We can help you purge old or unwanted items - you know those ones that don't fit anymore or are out of style? Our professionals are trained in creating a functional space, and organizing your clothes, shoes and accessories in a manner that works for you and your wardrobe. We won't make you get rid of everything like you see on T.V. We are there to help you and provide you with tips and tricks to help your closet stay organized after our job is done.

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Patti has this to say about us:

"An amazing sense of relief from the anxiety I would experience each time I looked at my garage. Truly, quite liberating! Sharon demonstrated a great blend of efficiency, (keeping me on track,) and compassion as I tried to determine sentimental attachments over "letting it go." I would and will definitely be giving "Command Your Clutter" another call to assist me with the same process, only now, for my office. Would definitely recommend her services to others."

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