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Specialty Services

Special Events  

Special Events take special care and time to make sure they go off without a hitch.  If you want to spend time being productive, preparing your presentation, and not have to worry about the details of the function at hand, let us take on that burden for you.  These events take time to plan, time that you might not have and some organization to handle all of the moving parts.  We can make you shine!

  • Grand Openings
  • Open Houses
  • Presentations
  • Seminars


Other Unique Services

Senior Citizens  

Seniors transitioning from independent housing to an assisted living facility or a nursing home can be traumatic for them and very time consuming for you.  Most baby boomer couples with parents who are senior citizens are both holding down full-time jobs and taking care of their childen, commonly referred to as the “sandwich

generation”.  Let us help with the transition from independent living.  Our range of services can assist with all aspects of this type of transition.


Wheel Chair woman  

Special Needs services may be needed if an independent individual finds themselves in a situation of an accident or injury that inhibits their ability to function in life as they were once used to.  An average person who can stand can reach items in kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, laundry rooms and closets, but what about someone who has been in an accident or had an illness that leaves them in a wheelchair.  Household items may need to be rearranged to accommodate their temporary or permanent situation.  We can help take the burden off of this time and energy consuming task.


Reiki Symbol   Reiki Energy Clearing might be a necessity if you are an energy sensitive individual.  Ever walked into a home, business or area and feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck, feel depressed or tired, or just get a bad feeling?  A Reiki Energy Clearing can help release negative energy from your new space and provide you with peace of mind that everything around you is positive going forward.


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