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Command your Clutter




Nicole Longwell

I am someone who gets overwhelmed fairly easily. So, when faced with purging and organizing a spare bedroom and my home office, I knew I needed help. I called Sharon and met with her. As soon as I met her, I knew I wanted to work with her. She has a wonderful disposition, which put me at ease right away. She had great ideas, was very efficient, and knew just where to begin. I found it very easy to work with her and in the end everything came together beautifully. I would highly recommend her, as she is professional, efficient, and (most importantly) she is a beautiful person.

George K.

She and her helper did our garage. Within hours it was much more organized and easier to locate items. You have to be able to shed some items, and YOU will be involved in the process, so set aside some time. The price was more than I anticipated originally, but worth every penny in the long run, just in satisfaction alone. If you have thought about and balked, try it, you will be happy you did. Sharon is very communicative and straight forward. I believe you will be happy.

Dr. Carrrie Graves

"Commanding your Clutter" doesn't have to mean having a hugely disorganized house or office. Using Sharon at Command your Clutter is a productivity method for saving time and money. She can help successful business people stream line administrative tasks that they might dread or that is slowing them down. I would highly recommend Sharon for any business professional that wants to bring their productivity to the next level.

Dan Hoffman

Sharon is gifted working with people, a great coach – focused, highly organized and knowledgeable. Sharon made such a huge difference in my career search. When we started I had no idea what career I even wanted. With Sharon’s gentle and patient style, we identified short and long term goals, and like magic, within a week I knew exactly what I wanted to do! Then Sharon helped me set up a timeline for creating business cards and directed me to the most suitable and current resume style. She then suggested multiple revisions for each and now they look great. Sharon also prepared me for my very first networking event. Until coached by Sharon, I was nervous, not knowing what to expect. Sharon communicated all the principles and practiced different scenarios with me beforehand. When I arrived, I was confident and was able to navigate through what would have been a daunting process with ease. I had so much fun and even connected with four valuable contacts. Thank so much Sharon, you are the best!

John Geisler

My time with Sharon was pleasant, informative, and uplifting. Her method is simple and straightforward and she uses her time with you efficiently and effectively. There were things I never knew until she showed me and I just thought to myself "that is so simple!" and it is!! The simplicity carries itself over into other aspects of your life and you will realize just how easy organization can be. I will definitely hire her again to help organize my kitchen. I highly recommend her if you are looking to make your use of time more efficient and your life less hectic. Thank you again, Sharon!

Joe Gendleman

Sharon is professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful. With her help, we organized my entire office in a weekend! I highly recommend Sharon to assist anyone looking to de-clutter their closet, office, or garage.

Kristen Harper

Sharon awakened me to the fact that I needed to get my computer desktop more organized. I keep hundreds of files and photos for my work and WOW... the time I've wasted looking for documents and photos that could have easily been found if I just met her sooner. :) When it comes to organization and productivity, Sharon knows all the tricks. With a little help, she's made my life much more sane. Thanks Command Your Clutter!

Sharon E O'Connor

As a self-employed copywriter who constantly generates new content, I was becoming increasingly overwhelmed by paperwork and struggling to implement an organizational system that I could stick with. I had the good fortune to cross paths with Sharon Toston at a networking event, where she happened to be speaking about this very issue. Shortly thereafter, I decided to hire Command Your Clutter to help me organize my home office. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Sharon’s personable demeanor and professional expertise immediately put me at ease. I was impressed with her ability to customize her recommendations and create systems tailored to my unique needs, challenges, and workspace. She proved to be extremely capable and efficient; I couldn’t believe how much she accomplished in a single visit! In addition to delivering fantastic results, Sharon’s creativity and engaging personality inspired me to use Command Your Clutter on multiple occasions, both in my office and other areas of my home. Since I began working with Sharon, I’ve been able to successfully maintain an organizational system for my business, helping me streamline my services and improve my professional productivity. I only wish I had met her sooner! I highly recommend Sharon and Command Your Clutter to anyone who needs assistance with organizing their space or prioritizing tasks.

Julia Klein

Suddenly I needed to change... a lot... quickly. I was recently diagnosed with cancer, and am planning on moving in about 6 months. But the final straw was my mother. I couldn't face Mom with my condo looking like a storage unit. Sharon and I talked about my goals... and how I needed to get rid of items so I didn't need to move them... but also so my daughter didn't need to deal with my old stuff. We gathered lots to dumpster, more to donate, and throughout Sharon was wonderful. It was like therapy for my house. It looked fantastic after only a couple hours. At one point, I glanced at the clock, and assumed it had stopped. There's no way we could have gotten that much done in just 90 minutes!! Now there is room for guests to sit, my favorite things are displayed, my cupboard is cleaned and organized. There are some before and after pictures of the pantry. We hung pictures, rearranged furniture, and found the carpet. Yes, there was carpet under all the boxes.

Sharon is wonderful... non-judgemental, and knowledgeable. She knows which questions to ask... and knows when she doesn't get an answer. Even though she's gone, I've got homework (that craft corner/buffet). I will be using her again when it is closer to time to move.... so I don't have to move as many boxes. Thank you Sharon!! you've inspired me. (and I took pictures of the finished rooms, so I can look at them, and put things back...when I start backsliding...)

Vinnie Campagna

Sharon has helped me organize my desk. It's amazing the ideas and systems she'll put in. Only one or two hours has saved me ....I'm sure 100s of hours in clearer thinking and finding what we need. Thank you Sharon & Command Your Clutter!

BJ Andryusky

Sharon did in 3 hours what it's taken me months to think about even beginning. You know, that horrible room that you manage to ignore every time you walk by it?. My garage was in total disarray. I thought we would just get one corner of the garage completed in the time allotted, but Sharon got the entire thing completely done! She's amazing, and definitely valuable!

Diane Daniels

I had a weekend to finish moving out of my apartment. I hired Command Your Clutter to help me get it done. Sharon was absolutely awesome! She was confident, reassuring and patient. With Sharon in control of the situation, we had the rest of my belongings packed and into the moving truck in 1 day! I was blown away! Sharon is truly top notch in her field. I have no reservations in referring Sharon to my friends, neighbors and clients. If you are moving and need help to get it done efficiently and fast, Command Your Clutter is the ONLY answer.